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Dear collegueas,

please find enclosed once again the information concerning the three phlebological awards which will be awarded at the XVII European Chapter Meeting in Prague in September (www.iupcongress2011.cz). Please notice that the deadline for the Bauerfeind and the Servier Award is March 31st 2011.  For the Kreussler award the deadline is June 30th 2011.

Bauerfeind Award
As one of the leading manufactures of compression stockings Bauerfeind actively supports research projects in the important field of compression therapy. The company has been focussing on the development on innovative products and systems meeting the constantly growing requirements of doctors and patients as regards optimum care. Scientific findings, such as the results of phlebological studies supported by Bauerfeind, always make their way into product development. Requirements for participation: An idea for an outstanding phlebological study design in the field of compression therapy. Deadline: March 31st 2011. More information: phleboloqy_award_flyer_2011.pdf

Kreussler Young Scientists´ Sclerotherapy Award
The Union International de Phlebologie UIP and Chemische Fabrik Kreussler & Co GmbH are pleased to anounce their cooperation concerning the “UIP Research Fellowship - Kreussler Young Scientists’ Sclerotherapy Award”. The Research Fellowhip - endowed with 10.000 Euro - is intended to grant generation and conduction of a clinical, preclinical or experimental research project in the field of phlebologic sclerotherapy, especially for young scientists. Deadline: June 30th 2011. For further information, please download the following files: UIP Kreussler Research Fellowship Application Form Logo.pdf , kreussler-award.pdf.

UIP Kreussler Research Fellowship Application Form Logo.pdf, kreussler-award.pdf .

Servier Research Fellowship

Every two years the UIP offers to a a young researcher a Fellowship of 25.000 Euro, funded by Servier International for an original research project in the field of venous and/or lymphatic diseases. This project may be fundamental or clinical. Competition ist now open for the 2011-2013 Fellowship which will be awarded at the XVII World Meeting of the UIP in Prague (September 14th - 17th).  The deadline for the submission of projects is March 31st 2011. For further information please download the following files: Pub_Bourse_2011-2013_Mail.pdf, Application form UIP Servier Research Fellowship 2011-13.doc. The application is to be sent to: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.

With kind regards
Eberhard Rabe


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ear Colleagues,

a very busy year 2009 is now almost lying behind us. A year of many activities in the UIP.

The UIP World Congress 2009 was an outstanding success. Fifteen hundred attendees, the most in its history, representing fifty countries, assembled in the picture perfect setting and balmy clime of Monaco to survey, share and present the achievements within the field of phlebology over the past four years, and to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the UIP. This congress, held on August 30th through September 4th, was a collaborative effort between the French and German Societies of Phlebology, with Dr. Jean-Jerome Guex serving as chairman of the organizing committee, and Dr. Eberhard Rabe as chairman of the scientific committee.
Five very full days were packed with six hundred presentations in lectures, abstracts, posters and videos, and the exhibition hall at the beautiful Grimaldi Forum filled with exhibitor and society booths. Monaco, with a population of about 32,000, and an equal number, it seemed, of Ferraris, Maseratis, Lamborghinis, Bentleys and Royces, was a magnificent venue. Its spectacular vistas and beaches, casinos, museums and restaurants offered a dazzling ambiance for socializing and relaxation.
A high level of scientific diversity and quality was achieved within the broad array of topics that included venous malformations and lymphedema, chronic cerebro-spinal venous insufficiency, endovenous ablation, sclerotherapy, compression, venous ulcerations, anatomy, thromboembolic disease, pathophysiology, pelvic veins, venous surgery, phlebolymphedema, diagnosis, patient compliance, deep venous insufficiency and embryology.
All the abstracts and impressing pictures from the World Congress are available at www.uip2009.eu (e-abstract book and photo gallery).

Several industry-sponsored UIP- awards were announced:

  • 6th Servier Research Fellowship 2009: Ahmad Anwar, UK; “The role of soluble uPAR (suPAR) fragments in venous ulcer healing”
  • 5th Bauerfeind Phlebology Award 2009: Mrs. Prof. Kornelia Böhler from Department of Dermatology, AKH Vienna Austria; “Prospective randomized study,treatment of superficial phlebitis with and without compression stockings”
  • 1st Kreussler Young Scientists’ Sclerotherapy Award 2009: Nina Tetsch, Uniklinik Schleswig-Holstein, Campus Lübeck, Klinik für Dermatologie, Ratzeburger Allee 160, D-23538 Lübeck;  “Catheter-directed foam sclerotherapy of varicose veins under tumescence anesthesia“

Congratulations to the winners!

During the UIP Council meeting in Monaco Dr. Angelo Scuderi of Brazil was elected the next President, to begin in 2011, following the European chapter meeting scheduled in Prague, which will be under the direction of Prof. Strejcek of the Czech Republic, on September 15-17, 2011 (uip-prague-new.pdf). Eberhard Rabe will remain President until this time.   

Five Vice Presidential posts were filled for four-year terms:

  • Mehmet Kurtoglu (Turkish Society of Phlebology)
  • Nick Morrison (American College of Phlebology)
  • Felizitas Pannier (German Society of Phlebology)
  • Kurosh Parsi (Australasian College of Phlebology)
  • Armando Schapira (Sociedad Argentina de Flebologia y Linfologia)

Other positions elected for the next four years are:

  • General Secretary: Ivan Staelens (Benelux Society of Phlebology)
  • Assistant General Secretary: P.L. Antignani (Italian College of Phlebology)
  • Treasurer: Jean Jerome Guex (French Society of Phlebology)

The following national phlebological societies submitted were accepted as new members of the Union Internationale de Phlebologie:

  • Society of Phlebology and Lymphology Bonaerense, Argentina
  • Asociación Civil de Flebología y Linfología de Córdoba, Argentina
  • Chilean Society of Phlebology and Lymphology
  • European Venous Forum
  • Ecuadorian Society of Phlebology
  • Phlebological Association of El Salvador
  • Venous Association of India (VAI)
  • Academia Mexicana de Flebologia y Linfologia


The American College of Phlebology made a successful bid to hold the next UIP World Congress in Boston in 2013. This is a great honor for the ACP, and validates the important strides that have been made in phlebology in the U.S.

During the pre-congress meeting the results of the UIP-consensus groups were presented. Some of the documents are ready for publication, others still need some finalization.

  • Curriculum in Phlebology (K. Parsi, Australia)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins (P. Gloviczki, USA)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of venous edema (A. Scuderi, Brazil)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of venous skin changes (M. Flour, Belgium)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of venous malformation (B.B. Lee, USA)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of primary lymphedema (B.B.Lee, USA)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of phlebolymphedema (N. Piller, Australia)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of superficial Phlebitis (H. Gerlach, Germany)
  • Deep venous reconstruction (F. Lurie, Hawaii, USA)
  • Classification of duplex findings after treatment of saphenous varicose veins (M. de Maeseneer, Belgium)
  • Venous symptoms, telangiectases and reticular veins (J.-P. Benigni, France)
  • Terminologia Embryologica (A. Caggiati, Italy)
  • Patients reported outcome in phlebology (J.J. Guex, France)
  • Corona phlebectatica (A. Cornu-Thénard, France)

Based on the Curriculum in Phlebology the consensus documents together with previous ones will be the backbone of the UIP educational initiative. Many thanks to all the working groups for their tremendous effort!

In Monaco the Vein Consult Program was started. This is an observational, multicenter, descriptive survey of chronic venous disease.It’s the largest international screening program including approximately 80.000 patients. It is endorsed by the Union Internationale de Phlébologie (UIP) and supported by an unrestricted grant from the Servier Research Group. Vein Consult is an international observational prospective survey conducted in 2 complementary steps: step 1, within the framework of general practice, step 2, among selected venous specialists for diagnostic confirmation of patients referred by GPs.

The UIP-Newsletter reaches 8.000 phlebologists worldwide. We try to give you the newest information concerning UIP activities and other venous topics. Please feel free to send us your suggestions and critics.

The 3 pillars of the UIP are Science, Education and Communication. We made some progress in the last years thanks the input from all the board members, consensus group members and the whole phlebological community. Thank you very much. Nevertheless there is still a long way to go for worldwide recognition of phlebological. We will work on this issue.

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the UIP I wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year!

DGP Jahrestagung 2018 Bielefeld

Die Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Phlebologie findet vom 26.-29.09.2018 in Bielefeld unter dem Motto „Auch Heldinnen haben (kranke) Beine.