Chapter-Meeting in Prague 2011


Dear colleagues,

I’m looking back with great pleasure to the last four years as President of the UIP. It was a very busy time with many scientific and personal contacts with many of you and with our national member societies.

My aim in these four years was to promote science, education and communication in the field of phlebology. This is in accordance with the aims of Union Internationale de Phlébologie which are:

  • To strengthen the links between the societies and associations, either existing or to be created, which have a special interest in venous disorders
  • To promulgate recommendations on the teaching of phlebology as well as training and continuing medical education of phlebologists
  • To promote consensus on all aspects of venous disorders
  • To encourage studies and research on disorders of venous origin
  • To promote joint meetings or international congresses
  • To encourage the activities if national societies or associations and
  • To encourage them to join the Union Internationale de Phlébologie

With this purpose several projects have been started and the decisions have been made.

New member societies:

During the UIP-World Congress in Monaco nine new member societies were affiliated in the UIP:

  • Society of Phlebology and Lymphology Bonaerense, Argentina
  • Asociacíon Civil de Flebología y Linfología de Córdoba, Argentina
  • Chilean Society of Phlebology and Lymphology
  • European Venous Forum
  • Ecuadorian Society of Phlebology
  • Phlebological Association of El Salvador
  • Venous Association of India (VAI)
  • Adacemia Mexicana de Flebologia y Linfologia
  • Bugarian Society of Phlebolgy

More societies will join the UIP during the Chapter Meeting in Prague.


To encourage scientific studies the following UIP-Awards were given during the UIP-World Congress in Monaco.

  • Bauerfeind Scientific Phlebolgy Award (winner 2009: Kornelia Böhler)
  • Servier Research Fellowship (winner 2009: Ahmad Anwar)
  • Kreussler´s Young Scientists Sclerotherapy Award (winner 2009: N. Tetsch)

Three new awards will be given in Prague.

Vein Consult Program

Acute chronic venous diseases like deep venous thrombosis, postthrombotic syndrome and varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency belong to the most prevalent diseases in our countries. They effect about one quarter of our population. Nevertheless the recognition of phlebology in the health systems of our countries is not always as we would like it to be. It is the aim of the UIP to improve this recognition for the benefit of the phlebological patients.
As a scientific project the Vein Consult Program was started in 2009. This is an observational multicentre, descriptive survey of chronic venous disease. It is the largest international screening programme including up to now approximately 80.000 participants. It is endorsed by the Union Internationale de Phlébologie and supported by an unrestricted grant from the Servier Research Group. The first results will be presented during the UIP Chapter Meeting in Prague.


Since 2009 we established the UIP-Newsletter which reaches more than 8.000 phlebologists worldwide. The newsletter is a part of our issue towards a better communication between the phlebological societies and also provides you all with more information about the actual ongoing venous issues.


During the last 4 years we made some steps towards an UIP-based educational system which may result in a UIP-Certificate in the future. The major step in this direction was the consensus on a Training Curriculum in Phlebology which was published in 2010. In addition the following consensus documents have been published in the last 4 years:

  • Curriculum in Phlebology (K. Parsi)
  • Primary Lymphedema as a Lymphatic Malformation (B.B. Lee)
  • Venous malformation (B.B. Lee)
  • Classification of duplex findings after treatment of saphenous varicose veins (M. de Maeseneer)
  • Deep venous insufficiency (F. Lurie)

Further consensus documents are on the way and will be published soon.

The consensus documents and the curriculum are an important step forward for worldwide accepted phlebological education and recognition. This progress would not have been possible without the engagement and enthusiastic work of the consensus groups and the coordinators of the consensus documents. I thank them all on behalf of the UIP. Without there help this progress would not been possible.

Secretariat of the UIP

One of our issues was also to improve the administration structure of our Union. This was a long process of discussions and attempts which actually led to a contract with PubliCreation in Monaco which will serve as the association secretariat of the UIP. They will endorse the president and the executive committee in the future to communicate with our member societies and to provide you with the newsletter and other services. Public Creation has already started to establish a new and modern website which provides you with actual information on the activities of the UIP. All these activities will be under the control of the President and the Executive Committee of the UIP. The association secretariat will help the UIP to gain a more efficient structure and communication system.

UIP World Congress 2009

It was a very great honour and pleasure to organize the UIP World Congress 2009 together with J. J. Guex and with the help of Horst Gerlach and Michel Schadeck in Monaco. 1.500 attendants representing 50 countries assembled in Monaco and hopefully had a nice time in the extensive scientific programme, but definitely had a good time in the nice atmosphere of Monaco with lots of talks and meetings with colleagues, meeting old and making new friends.

UIP World Congress 2013

The 27th World Congress of the UIP, organized by the American College of Phlebology and Nick Morrison will be held at the Hynes Center in Boston / USA from September 8th to 14th 2013.

The three pillars of the UIP are science, education and communication. During the last 4 year, where I had the honour to serve as president of the UIP, we could make some progress in some of our main aims. However there is still a long way to go towards a worldwide acceptance of phlebology.

It was my great pleasure to work together with two Executive Committees during my presidency which consisted of very active and cooperative colleagues.

Without their cooperation and input none of the projects would have been possible.

It’s my pleasure to hand over the presidency to Angelo Scuderi in Prague who will serve the UIP during the next four years as President. I wish him all the best and a lucky hand. I’m sure he will bring the UIP several steps forward with new ideas and activities.


With best regards

Eberhard Rabe

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